Work Areas

Work areas

The Independent Directorate of Local Authorities was established by Decree No. 1047 dated September 29, 2007, of the High Authority of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It is responsible for leading local government affairs, enforcing regulations, implementing programs, and conducting official and business affairs through relevant departments in 34 provinces. In addition, the Independent Directorate of Local Government is a government agency responsible for growing, strengthening, and establishing good governance, promoting transparent governance and better accountability at the local level. This office is the highest authority in preparing and arranging local government policies. The Independent Directorate of Local Governance, as the overseer of local government affairs, is responsible for ensuring that provincial, district, municipal and provincial council offices carry out their duties in accordance with their assigned responsibilities and competencies.

According to the strategic plan previously prepared by the Independent Directorate of Local Government, the tasks of this department are divided into four main sections, including the policy section, the draft policy framework, rules and regulations for local governance (including public administration reform, capacity building, Strengthen infrastructure, support municipalities, reduce corruption and plan for the country’s administrative borders. Extensive governance responsibilities include supporting the expansion of governance, counterterrorism at the provincial level, increasing public participation in governance, and liaising with elected provincial institutions. Support duties are also considered to provide facilities for the advancement of national programs at the provincial level.

The offices of governors (provincial officials) are responsible for facilitating coordination between the various provincial administrations. It is the responsibility of the provincial councils to hold the various provincial administrations accountable to the people through the people’s representatives and other relevant authorities. The provision of public services, which complements the services provided by the ministries, is the responsibility of the relevant departments, municipalities and districts. The Independent Administration of Local Authorities plays a role as the implementer and evaluator of these programs, which in turn increases the capacity of local authorities. In other words, the role of the independent administration of local bodies is to strengthen government institutions at the neighborhood level so that this institution can perform its duties and responsibilities in accordance with applicable laws and policies.

The Independent Directorate of Local Self-Government cooperates with the Office of the President in appointing senior political officials. In this plan, the Independent Office of Local Authorities will be involved in both the recruitment and oversight of the effectiveness of the functions of these officers and the Office will continue to regulate the budgetary affairs of the civil service employees of the local offices through its offices. The technical branches of the Independent Local Government Authority are responsible for these procedures, compliance with governance standards, and oversight of the implementation of these activities.

The Independent Office of Local Authorities also cooperates with local government units in the areas of capacity building planning and service delivery through a foreign-funded project. Provides coordination, and facilitates access to resources.

The Independent Administration of Local Authorities remains one of the main implementers of the Citizenship Pact program at the city level. The department has the task of implementing development programs at the city level in coordination with the relevant ministries, sectoral departments and municipalities.