Directorate of Technical & Professional Affairs

Sayed Mahram “sadat” was born In January. 1981 in Sorkhroad District of Nengarhar Province. He studied his elementary School in Aziz Afghan Primary School and completed his secondary School in Abdul Hadi Dawi and High School in Nangarhar School. After graduation from high school he participated in Kankur exam and succeeded to study in Engineering faculty, Nangarhar University. He graduated from the Engineering faculty in 2006. Upon graduation, he worked as Technical Civil Advisor in USAID-IRD, EU-WSP Int, and UNFAO. In 2013, he was employed as technical advisor in General Directorate of Municipalities.

The achievements he has include establishment of the technical procedures for the safety and health of workers, design for landfill and the Afghanistan City Development Plan.

Mr. Sadat played a key role as a technical observer in formal meetings in the formulation and review of urban sector policies, including the new drafted municipal law, new drafted law for the acquisition of property, a new plan for the regulation of land, the law of urbanization and housing, the Water Act, and the policy for unplanned areas. After succeeding the CBR examination in 2017, based on decree (3921) dated on February 8, 2017, he is appointed as the head of Technical Directorate of Municipalities and Deputy of Independent Directorate of Local Governance and has been working up to present.