Directorate General of Urban Governance

Mohammad Naseer Hamidi son of Abdul Basir born in 1981 in Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh; holds B.A in Administration and Diplomacy from Law and Political Science Faculty of Balkh University and M.A in Public Administration from Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India; has attended international trainings on urban governance and development in Indonesia, Turkey and Pakistan, and on Solution Exchange in India.

Before appointment as Director General of Urban Governance, he served as:

  • Acting Director General of Urban Governance, Deputy Ministry of Municipalities, Independent Directorate of Local Governance
  • Component Lead-Municipalities, Local Governance Project-UNDP
  • Lecturer at Public Administration and Policy Faculty of Balkh University, Mawlana Jalaluddin Mohammad e Balkhi Private University and Taj Institute of Higher Education
  • Director and Senior Specialist at Bahar-e-Andisha Consultancy and Capacity Development Services
  • Independent Local Governance Consultant
  • Facilitator, Municipal Governance and Development Community, Solution Exchange-Afghanistan, UNDP
  • Head of Municipalities’ Component, Afghanistan Sub-national Governance Program, UNDP
  • Dean of Law and Political Science Faculty at Mawlana Jalaluddin Mohammad e Balkhi Private University
  • Senior Coordinator/Master Trainer, Women Empowerment and Protection Project, Cooperation Center for Afghanistan
  • Founder and Director of Modern High Educational Center

Academic achievements/research paper:

  • Book titled “ Governance”
  • Book titled “ Clean City, Healthy Citizen”
  • Book titled “ Modern English Grammar”
  • Survey/Study of Afghanistan Municipalities in the Past 12 Years
  • Quality of Teaching and Learning Achievements in Samangan

Under review

Work Plan of Directorate General of Urban Governance for 1397

  1. Provide technical assistance in establishing municipal advisory boards in 10 district municipalities
  2. Provide technical assistance in re-establishing municipal advisory boards in provincial municipalities
  3. Provide technical assistance in establishing Nahia Advisory Boards
  4. Provide technical assistance in establishing Gozar Development Councils
  5. Provide technical assistance in establishing Community Development Councils
  6. Build partnership between municipalities and civil society organizations for service delivery oversight
  7. Strengthen awareness raising and cultural activities in municipalities
  8. Establish city coordination boards in provincial municipalities
  9. Strengthen the networks of municipal advisory boards
  10. Strengthen anti-corruption efforts through design and application of e-grievance management system and introduction of the procedures for public grievance management
  11. Support and oversee the conduct of public accountability forums in municipalities
  12. Facilitate sister city partnerships
  13. Prepare the concept for Online Learning Center for municipalities
  14. Conduct meetings of Technical Working Groups
  15. Prepare a Hand Out on Successes in 1396
  16. Design and conduct trainings for urban governance staff of municipalities
  17. Monitor and assess performance of municipalities in the area of urban governance
  18. Design online performance management system for municipalities
  19. Conduct Third National Mayors’ Conference
  20. Support and facilitate the establishment of Citizen Service Centers
  21. Design the Database for Wakil-e-Gozars
  22. Ensure coordination with support projects to establish School-Municipal Committees
  23. Assist in finalizing the new Municipal Law
  24. Finalize the guideline on Citizen Service Center
  25. Develop a training manual on social corporate responsibility