Directorate of Internal Audit

Mr. Abdul Habib (Jabarkhil)

Mr. Abdul Habib (Jabarkhil), son of Sayed Habib, is born in 1962 in Nangarhar province. He lived in Nangarhar his childhood and later he started his basic education Behaqi primary school Kabul, middle education in Mahboba Sultani (LAmea Shaheed) school and studied high school Shah Doshamshirah, from where he graduated. Similarly, he studied the faculty of political and ground forces in 1986 and graduated with a bachelor degree in 1988. He holds a bachelor degree from the political university of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In 2014, He enrolled in Master Degree in faculty of Public Law of the UMAFF University of Switzerland and currently he is studying second semester.

Work Experience:

From 1988 to 1996, Mr. Abdul Habib remained as commander of Kandak (3) of the Afghan National Army division. He worked with various departments in Ministry of National Defense. During the Taliban’s period Mr. Abdul Habib remained unemployed. After the collapse of Taliban regime he served as deputy commander of the Afghan National Army. He also worked on various positions within the Ministry of Defense. Based on the decree (5308) dated October 18, 2008 of the President Office of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and proposal (913) dated on December 1, 2008 of Ministry of Defense through open competition he was appointed, in fourth civilian rank, as head of the governor office of Kandahar province. In 2009, he was appointed in the 3rd Audit rank of the Internal Audit Office of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance. Later on based on decree (5428) on October 24, 2013 of the President Office and letter (1666) dated on December 7, 2013 under the procedure of (CBR) in the second rank, he was appointed as head of Internal Audit Office of Independent Directorate of Local Governance. Until now he serves the nation and country on that post.