Directorate of Gender



Ms. Saghri Attai born in Yakawlang district of Bamyan in 1978; she completed her primary and secondary education in one of the high schools in Iran and graduated from teacher training institute. She lived as afghan refugee in Iran for several years under the Taliban.

After the US coalition invasion toppled the Taliban in 2001, she returned to Afghanistan and started social welfare and cultural initiatives. She used to be deputy director, Directorate of Women Affairs Bamyan for 18 months and she was an active member of the Afghan Constitutional Loya Jirga represented Bamyan and Diakundi. She has also worked in different posts with several organizations Lawyer with Shuhada Organization, conducted number of vocational trainings for women and was trainer with Election Committee for two years.

Based on the productive and successful performance she was appointed as the head of Independent Election Commission (IEC) in Bamyan from 2007 to 2014. During her service in commission, the presence of women at the polls to determine their destiny was the highest in the provinces of Afghanistan, which was 49%. All polling centers were open in both Bamyan and Daikundi with high transparency proportion.

In addition to her formal responsibilities as a woman, she is best known as the head of an early women’s rights advocate who demanded that Afghan women be given the same rights as they deserve. Ms. Attayee has been participated in more than 30 educational programs during this period of performance and has also traveled to Japan, Tajikistan, the United States and Germany to participate in various programs such as women’s rights, elections and leadership.

For three years, she was responsible for the Afghan women’s network in Bamyan province, and has put forward a number of educational activities in line with the three key prioritized areas 1) women’s political participation; 2) women and peace and 3) women’s social and legal rights.

Based on the president’s decree, she is appointed as the director of gender department, IDLG.