Financial and Budget Management

Abdullah Atal, caretaker of the Finance and Budget Department

Abdullah Atal, son of Mohammad Ghani originates from the Qrabagh District of Ghazni province. He completed his secondary education in Sanai High school (Ghazni city) in 2004 and graduated from the Economy faculty of Herat University in 2008. At present, Mr. Atal is taking his Master degree classes in Administration and Policy, in Kabul University.

Mr Atal has worked with ACG Company in Finance and Procurement and held other responsibility function within this company, from 2014 t0 the beginning of 2021.

Atal fluently speaks Pashto, Dari, English and Urdu.

He was nominated as the caretaker of the Finance and Budget Department of the IDLG upon the request of this directorate and based on Presidential decree number 3288 of February 15th 2021.