Directorate of Information & Technology

Biography of Jamil Rashid

Jamil Rashid was born in Kabul. As he had a great interest in studying, his father enrolled him in an elementary school. But due to the internal armed conflict, his family migrated to Pakistan where he has admitted in a school Peshawar, Pakistan. After three months living in Peshawar, his family shifted to Quetta as his father was employed in a Developing company in Kandahar, Afghanistan neighboring Quetta Pakistan.

Jamil Rashid continued his School up to ninth grade in one of the popular School in Quetta, named as Babur. After living some years in Quetta and tolerating challenges his family returned back to Afghanistan. As he was interested in studying, he was admitted to Habibia High School in Kabul from where he was successfully graduated. Later he began to study Computer Science at Tolo-e-Aftab University and graduated from the mentioned field. In Addition to that, he also studied computer and English courses.

In order to support his family, he got employment with the Ministry of Industry and commerce as IT Officer and worked there for a year. Later on, he was employed as an assistant officer in Independent Directorate of Local Governance. Based on his capacities and capabilities, he was promoted and employed as an information technology expert and now he works as head of the Department of Information and Technology. It merits mentioning that during six years employment, He was honest and loyal with Independent Directorate of Local Governance.

During his six years employment, his Achievements are;

  • Establishment of Guidelines for the use of facilities and information technology services.
  • Signing contract between ETTRA Office and Independent Directorate of Local Governance in order to implement effective projects for general access for covering offices, Including Central offices, Provincial Council, Municipality Council, and District.
  • Creating Electric attendance system based on (fingerprint, Password, and cards) in the central and external offices, municipalities, local councils, and monitoring and evaluation offices.
  • Creating a domain system for the municipalities, local councils, and the monitoring and evaluation system.
  • Providing databases or information management program for different offices.
  • Installation and arranging a firewall system for network security and well usage of internet in all offices.
  • Providing internet access to all offices in 34 Provinces.
  • Providing video conference system for coordination between central and all office in provinces.
  • Improving the internet capacity in provinces from 2 MB to 4 &8 MBs in some provinces.
  • Providing various procedure in information technology (Usage of formal email address, technological tools and usages of the internet).
  • Databases to reports Incidents and threat,
  • Task management system
  • Electric Archive system for Executive Management of Internal Directorate.