Directorate of Information and Public Awareness

Biography of Nargis Momand Hassanzai, Director of Information and Public Awareness (IDLG)

Ms. Nargis  Momand Hassanozai was born into an intelligent family in Logar province.
Ms. Nargis graduated from Rabia-e Balkhi High School in 2007. She received her bachelor’s degree in 2011 from Kabul University Pashto language and literature.
Ms. Momand has not been tired of studying, and she has obtained her master’s degree in the same department of the mentioned university. she is currently pursuing her second master’s degree in Administration and Management at one of the prestigious private universities.
She has also studied political science and diplomacy at the State Department.
Ms. Hassanzai has worked as a teacher at Bakhtar Private University and the Afghan Institute of Technology (ATI). She is currently an academic member of the Shahid Borhanuddin Rabbani University with retaining her current academic position as an associate professor at the university.
Despite being a teacher, she is also a writer and her articles have been published in various newspapers and websites.
She has also worked in designing of curriculum with GIZ International organization, and worked in the media department with the Exor office.
In addition to her civic activities, Ms. Nargis Momand Hassanzai, has been an active member of the Women’s Advocacy Network, as she has conducted interviews in the field of women’s rights for many years, both in written forms, and working with various media outlets. She has always fought for women’s rights and continues to do so.
Nargis Momand Hassanzai has also worked as the secretary of the Children’s Literature Association.
Ms. Nargis Momand Hassanzai is one of the women who was appointed as the Head of Press and Public Relations (Spokesperson) of Kabul Municipality in early 2019.
It is worth to mention, that she, as the press director of Kabul Municipality, was able to raise the Kabul Municipality Office in the field of giving information, from the 40th position to the 6th position among 60 government departments.
Ms.Momand; As much effort as possible has been made in the field of children’s literature, and in addition to the children’s book (De Mashumano adabyato Liklarkhud), several small collections of her stories have been published and some have not been published yet. The book (De Mashumano Da Adabiato Lik larkhod) in 2009 is her only research work, which has also received an award from Zari Karkai as the best book of the year.
Ms. Nargis Momand Hassanzai has been appointed as the Director of Information and Public Awareness on 6/15/2016 during the ruling of the High Presidential Office while maintaining her scientific rank.