Directorate of Revenue, Accounting & Administration Affairs of Municipalities

Department of Revenue, Calculation and administration of Municipalities

Biography of Mohammad Amin Tokhi

Mohammad Amin “Tokhi” son of Mohammad Hafiz was born on December. 27. 1982 in a religious family in Takhar province. He​​ got​​ his elementary education in​​ his area of residence​​ and studied his primary school​​ at​​ Sayed Abdurrahman Shaheed and​​ later​​ his high school in Abu Osman Taliqani High school and graduated​​ in 2000.

In 2001,​​ he participated in​​ Kankur examination​​ and​​ succeeded​​ to study​​ in faculty of Law and Political Science University of Balkh province, from where he graduated​​ in 2005.

He also​​ attained​​ his Master Degree in MBA with two professions in public administration and international affairs.​​ Upon graduation from​​ the​​ University,​​ in 2006​​ based on free competition he was employed as administrative and financial manager of communication and information technology directorate of Takhar province. In addition to that he cooperated with faculty of Islamic studies of Takhar province as contractual​​ lecturer​​ from 2006​​ -​​ 2009.

In 2009,​​ He​​ started employment​​ as Strategic Planning​​ Expert through the ASGP / UNDP program,​​ with the independent​​ Directorate of Local Governance in Takhar, Balkh and Bamiyan Provinces. He cooperated​​ in​​ preparation of strategic provincial plans for​​ the mentioned​​ provinces.​​ 

In 2011, based on free competition and the decree from presidential Office​​ he​​ was​​ appointed as​​ the deputy governor of Kunar. Later, in 2013,​​ according to​​ the demand​​ of the​​ Independent Directorate of Local Governance and​​ the presidential office​​ he​​ was​​ appointed as Deputy Governor of Ghor and in 2015 he​​ was​​ appointed as Deputy Governor of Herat but​​ he didn’t took the chair.

In​​ February 11, 2017,​​ with free competition through CBR​​ and based on Decree of Presidential Office, he was appointed as the Head of Department of Revenue, Calculation and Administration of Municipalities in municipalities’ deputy​​ ministr. He is native in Dari, fluent in​​ Pashto languages and also familiar with English and computer programs. He has remarkable experiences in good governance and Administration and Management. He has also participated to various programs in Afghanistan and foreign countries and​​ has​​ achieved appreciation letters.