IDLG Hosted a Joint Meeting With Women Advocacy Committee Members

Kabul, Jan 15, 2020: Independent Directorate of Local Governance IDLG facilitated a coordination meeting between the Women Advocacy Committee members chaired by Head of IDLG on Jan 15, 2020 at IDLG’s main office.

The meeting was participated by civil society members, National and International NGO Representatives IDLG Gender Department and seniors.  During the meeting Mr. Bek head of IDLG welcomed the participants and added that, “promoting the participation of women in decision making and leadership is an important aim of state builder government and international committee Women Empowerment projects. One of the IDLG objectives is to increase the presence and visibility of women in leadership and decision-making processes at all levels of democratic governance and other spheres of leadership in Afghanistan.

He also added that, “increasing the number of women in local leadership therefore can enhance the provision of basic services and improve citizens’ perception of government.”

During the meeting the committee members discussed a wide range of issues pertaining to women. Zarqa Yaftali a civil society activists said, “Devolving authority from central to local authorities can enhance government’s legitimacy and increase its accountability to citizens. Moreover, the process of decentralization can facilitate the democratic participation of groups that are frequently marginalized within formal governing structures and women are one such group.”