IDLG Organized The First National Conference on “Reviewing the Existing Challenges in The Local Service Delivery”

The first National Conference on “Reviewing the Existing Challenges in The Local Service Delivery”, that organized by IDLG and international stakeholders took place on 30 Dec 2019 in Kabul for two days. The conference is participated by Saeed Ahmad Khamosh Acting Deputy Minister of Policy and Technical Affairs IDLG, representatives of Provincial council, government authorities, ministries, parliamentarian members and CSO members of 17 provinces.

The conference aimed to identify the unique public services delivery challenges and opportunities facing public in local government. In the opening remarks Mr. Khamosh welcomed the delegation and added that, this conference is one of the fundamental goals of the Government, the public service delivery sector are expected to have an overarching discussion in order to  open a new path for the good local governance and strengthen linkages for effective planning, budgeting, and service delivery initiatives.

Over the course of the conference, a diverse range of CSOs from 17 provinces offered their perspectives on the existing challenges in the local service delivery of their provinces and the working groups developed plans and presented to the participants in two separate presentations. The challenges than shared with the relevant ministries in order to take actions against them.

In addition to this, the participants of the conference proposed number of outreach activities and emphasized the sustainability of the capacity of public regulatory bodies in designing different outreach activities in order to enhance public awareness.

The conference was concluded with a session designed to allow participants to provide their views and interact in groups. Participants were then divided to discuss the full agenda, and debated ways to overcome obstacles and improve the public services delivery system.