Behind President Ashraf Ghani’s Visit to Badakhshan“Few Uplift Projects Inaugurated”

President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday visited northeastern province Badakhshan along with senior officials. The delegation arrived on Thursday to Faizabad and received by local authorities.

President Ashraf Ghani during his visit scheduled a separate meeting with the elders and influences of four insurgent-hit districts Wardoj, Yamgan, Kern wa Manjan and Jurm of Badaskhshan province and added that “further attention would be paid to the security of the districts and vowed to further focus on the economic and social well-being of local residents.

According to the Badakhahan provincial authorities, in addition to meeting Kandahar’s local officials and tribal elders, youths, women and CSOs, President Ashraf Ghani inaugurated a number of uplift projects including provincial hospital (Shahid Borhanudin Rahabi) of Faiz Abad and central masque in presence of the local elders and officials.

The president also inaugurated the newly-constructed 44 Km road from Faiz Abad to Baharak district of Badakhshan.