A New Irrigation Project Brought Hope To Rural Afghans in Paghman District

Water is the lifeblood for the people of Afghanistan, not just for living but also for the economy. The provision of irrigation water contributed to increased production of high-valued crops in Paghman province. The Zarshakh Irrigation Project which is implemented by the Ministry of Agricultural, Irrigation and Livestock MAIL inaugurated by Hanifa Girawal Deputy to Provincial Governor Kabul on 20 Dec 2019.

With this project 435 farmers and their families will be benefit from improved, reliable and equitably distributed irrigation water which will lead to increased agricultural productivity, better income; improved food security and reduce the vulnerability of farmers to droughts. This will assist in reducing poverty in rural areas; accelerating the transition of the existing agricultural system; and laying the foundation for a dynamic rural economy.

The projects financed by the government with a total cost of AFN 16.5 Million.