IDLG Kicked Off 7th National Dialogue on Sub-National Governance in Badakhshan

Independent Directorate of Local Governance IDLG with a consortium of seven provincial governors, University professors, elders, CSOs, Provincial Council members and university students held the 7th National Dialogue on Sub-National Governance in Badakhshan for two days.

In the opening remarks provincial governor Badakhshan welcomed the delegation and delivered H.E President Ashraf Ghani’s remarks at the Badakhshan Sub-National Conference:

The statement indicated that, Firming up local governance in sub-national level has been one of the fundamental goals of the National Unity Government and as a consequence the local governance policy and the law of local councils finalized. In my discussions with the head of Independent Directorate of Local Governance IDLG, Governors, Mayors, and Districts chiefs, everyone had provided ideas on development and strengthening public administration reforms, but there is a need to have a comprehensive debate to identify mechanisms and methodologies.

IDLG head Mateen Bek in his speech today at d 7th National Dialogue on Sub-National Governance added that, “Central Government is striving hard to shift focus to the districts and delegate authority to local administration in order to fulfill our mission in promoting good governance practices  and rule of law in Afghanistan.”

He also said that, “I am heartened that the upcoming government will heal the country and further serve the people, upholding the tenets of good governance, as well as also promoting more inclusive nation-building & economic growth focusing on the young.”

The sub national governance conference is attended by high level authorities IDLG, provincial governors, ministry representatives, local authorities, youths, university teachers and CSOs and will be ended on 26 Nov 2019.