A Memorandum Of Understanding Was Singed Between the IDLG and ACKU

The Purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is to exchange information between the Independent Directorate of Local Governance IDLG of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Afghanistan Center at Kabul University ACKU to enhance information flow with university students.

In a ceremony held on 20th of November 2019 in the conference hall of the ACKU, Kabul University, Hamid Karimi, Plan and Policy Manager IDLG and Abdul Wahid Wafa, Executive Manager ACKU and a number of officials from the ACKU and IDLG were present.

During this ceremony, Mr. Karimi said, “establishing cooperation and coordination with various entities are at the center of the ACKU leadership and in order to achieve its goals we have had signed various Memorandum of Understanding with various institutions.”

He reiterated the importance of this MoU in the sharing information on Afghanistan’s political inheritances, creation of a joint website, use of available resources in educational programs and culture and access to the information at IDLG research center.

In another part of the ceremony, Mr. Wafa executive manager, ACKU said, that the ACKU has always cooperated with governmental entities and called this MoU valuable and effective in terms of exchanging technical information.