Bamyan, Afghanistan and Matera Italy Mayors have Signed Sister City Agreement

The Sister City Agreement between Bamyan Afghanistan and Matera, Italy was signed in Matera capital of culture.

The agreement was signed by Bamyan Mayor and mayor of Matera. The two cities have agreed to work together on economic, health, cultural exchange and green development and also agreed to exchange information and participate in joint development activities.

Cooperation has also been included in the agreement on the level of urban administration and business sector associations where local business ideas can grow.

The agreement is to share and support the cultural values ​​of the residents of the two cities. Exchanges of experience on green projects operating in the two cities, exchanging and supporting ideas on the transportation and construction sector are part of the signing of the sister cities agreement between Bamyan and Matera. According to information from the Mayor’s Office, a committee to monitor the implementation of the agreement will be formed on both sides.