The Provincial Economic and Social Development Outlook is Introduced

On Saturday, Sep 22, 2019: An introduction meeting for “Provincial Economy and Social Development Outlook” was held in GMIC with the participation of Ministry of Economy, Independent Directorate of Local Governance IDLG, Kabul Governor and GIRoA senior officials.

Kabul Governor Mohammad Yaqob Haidari, said that, “the 2019 outlook focuses on providing a national review of economic developments as it affects the provinces. Where applicable, it also dis-aggregates provincial economic information to a district level to gain more insight into its spatial impact and provides a comprehensive overview of the recent economic performance and outlook for the country economy at a district and municipal level”.

Mr. Timor Sharan Deputy Minister of Policy and Technical in his speech added that, “Evidence-based planning and decision making is a key policy principle of the Afghan Government as it aims to enhance service delivery impact in the 34 provinces across the country. The Provincial Economic and Social Development Outlook as encapsulated in the 2019, highlights the dynamic and interrelated environment within which government is operating. The outlook can therefore be used to understand trends, patterns and developments within the provinces, districts and assist in providing more clarity to the public about GIRoA performances and achievements”.

The outlook provides recent and reliable economic information to drive planning and budgeting within the provinces. It enables evidence-based practices and serves as economic intelligence which informs the policy, planning and budgeting processes of departments and municipalities.

The current Provincial Economic and Social Development Outlook, which firmly aligns to the outcomes of IDLG past performances and organized in 8 chapters that include: Province Introduction; Provincial Strategic Goal; Provincial Development Status; Provincial Development Budget and Costs; National and International NGOs performances within the provinces; National Priority Programs and Major Provincial Economic And Social Indicators