Three Major irrigation and Water Management Projects in Herat Province are Being Implemented

Herat CITY (IDLG) The construction work of three major irrigation water network projects has been inaugurated in Herat province. An in-charge in agriculture, irrigation and livestock department in Herat province added that, the water network and management projects will be constructed through district development councils of Anjil, Pashton Zargoon and Kashk-e-Kuhna district of the province with the cost of AFN 30 Million funded by Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Water Management Program.

The projects, considered a boon to the western state, will provide irrigation facility for all crops in a year and majority of the agricultural lands will be irrigated, adding it will provide work opportunity for 40,000 local residents of mentioned districts.

Mr. Khulmi has reminded the ministry planned to design and implement more projects in order to save and manage the ground water of the province.