IDLG is Trying to Increase Pro Staff Knowledge and Awareness of Gender Concepts

The IDLG gender department convened a Gender and Diversity Curriculum ToT on August 26, 2019 for three days onward. The attendees of the workshop are provincial gender specialists, ISLA representatives and IDLG gender department. A total of 33 participants (11 female and 22 male) attended the TOT.

Ms. Saghri Attai Director to Gender Department, provided segments that outline IDLG’s approach and experience in gender and diversity curriculum. “The Gender and Diversity Curriculum serves as a guiding framework for gender mainstreaming and IDLG and ISLA have made a serious effort to develop a better and more systematic gender training platform for gender experts.” Ms. Attai said

The ToT followed the basic structure of the gender and diversity module currently used by ISLA and IDLG. The first day began with a focus on gender concepts and the rationale for addressing gender in programs; materials on gender and diversity curriculum will be distributed to the workshop participants at the last day.

The topics that will be covered during the three days’ ToT are Gender and gender mainstreaming; Gender Gaps; Approaches to women’s involvement in development; Equal opportunities for women and men; Discrete tools for gender mainstreaming; budgeting; Gender sensitive evaluation and inclusion of gender initiatives in PDP.