Afghanistan Dehkada Exhibition Contributed to the Presentation of Local Products

Kabul Afghanistan: On August 16, 2019, the first Afghanistan Dehkada Exhibition was participated by various provinces, autonomous companies and municipalities which was held in Chaman Hozori Kabul. The exhibition boots were rented by about 200 companies including provincial municipalities from different provinces.

Abdul Baqi Pupal, municipalities’ deputy minister, addressing the opening ceremony of the show, said the exhibition was part of several upcoming programs to celebrate the country’s 100th Independence Day. “We want to celebrate this day by arranging many programs and one of them is Afghanistan Dehkada exhibition.”

The Afghanistan Dehkada exhibition was held in the wake of Afghanistan’s 100th Anniversary of Independence Day for five days and concluded on August 20, 2019. In addition to honing their trading skills, local businesses were also given the opportunity to display their produce in the hope of attracting new markets. According to some of the traders, such expos were critical to the sector as it not only helped commercialize their industry, but it also helped modernize and improve it.