Afghanistan’s 100 Years of Independence Celebration

On Monday 19 August, thousands of Afghans around the country will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Independence Day.

Official ceremonies will take place in various parts of the country and thousands of families and friends will spend the day together to mark the event.

Afghanistan’s Independence Day is the eve to commemorate the nation’s freedom. On 19th August 1919, Afghanistan achieved freedom from British rule. Since then, the date is celebrated as the Independence Day of Afghanistan annually. The day is observed as a national festival and is treasured with great passion all over the country.

Preparations for the Independence Day Festival in major provinces begins a week in advance. All the major roads are festooned with tri-color flags. All the buildings in cities, which are of national importance, are bedecked and illumined. Furthermore, Independence Day is celebrated with flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programs in the provincial capitals.