Sub-National Governance Conference Kicked off in Bamyan Province

As part of its nation-wide efforts to organize dialogue on subnational governance, Independent Directorate of Local Governance IDLG organized a two-day conference in Bamyan to discuss effective budgeting and planning to improve service delivery, promote economic growth, and better conflict resolution.

In the opening remarks Mohammad Tahir Zahir PG Bamyan welcomed the delegation and delivered President Ashraf Ghani’s remarks at the Bamyan Sub-National Conference

The statement indicated that, Firming up local governance in sub-national level has been one of the fundamental goals of the National Unity Government and as a consequence the local governance policy and the law of local councils finalized. In my discussions with the head of Independent Directorate of Local Governance IDLG, Governors, Mayors, and Districts chiefs, everyone had provided ideas on development and strengthening public administration reforms, but there is a need to have a comprehensive debate to identify mechanisms and methodologies.

An important provision that needs to be considered is the relationship among government and citizens, the local administrations in province to district level must strengthen accountability of civil services to the citizens which is most expected.

Now, after years of Governance Experience, it is the time to identify the available capacities within the local administrations. As well as to tailor the national development plan, we need to understand the available features and capacities of Local Administration Units in various aspects.

It is important, therefore, the Sub-National Governance conference in the civil service sector are expected to have an overarching discussion in order to  open a new path for the good local governance and strengthen linkages for effective planning, budgeting, and service delivery initiatives.

Dr. Timor Sharan Deputy Minister for Policy and Program at the conference pointed that, “Afghanistan grouped into 8 economic regions, Independent Directorate of Local Governance IDLG tries to improve the transparency and delegate certain authorities to districts Administration and include District Development Plan in GIRoA Annual Budget.

Regarding the Women Empowerment added that, Female representation in local governance is the tangible improvements, IDLG and Citizen Charter National Priority Program CCNPP actively work to increase female participation in local government by developing the capacities of potential female in CDCs.

The sub national governance conference is attended by high level authorities IDLG, provincial governors, ministry representatives, local authorities, youths, university teachers and CSOs.