Afghan Public Health Ministry Inaugurated a Hospital in Logar Province

The Nayeb Amanullah Kha Logari Hospital is a 100-bed health facility supported by Pakistan found a use for better health facilities. Pakistan’s minister said in his speech that $19 million was invested in the hospital in Logar. The public health minister said the hospital will provide healthcare services to the residents of Logar and its neighboring provinces.

“The foundation for this hospital was laid ten years ago and work on its construction was stopped due to some problems, but it was built as a result of the National Unity Government’s efforts and today it was inaugurated,” Feroz said.

Pakistan’s Rep in his speech added that, Pakistan Prime Minister is interested to extend all possible assistance to the Afghan people to facilitate their travel to Pakistan and also to promote trade between the two nations.

In addition to the opening ceremony of the hospital few other clinics and hospitals with the province inaugurated in response to the people demand.