The High Delegation of GIRoA West Visited Ghore Province

A high level delegation from the GIRoA, led by Head of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) Abdul Matin Bek, has visited Ghore province and officially visited local authorities.

On arrival, the delegation met with the Province Governor Ghulam Nasir Khazi and local officials. During the meeting, Mr. Bek expressed his appreciation of local official’s commitment to work within the province. Following the meeting with the authorities, the delegation addressed the media expressing concern about the province security indicators and the need to strengthen the administration system to meet the looming good governance.

Mr. Khazi province governor in his speech briefed the delegation on the areas in the province causing the most of security concerns and added that, the support from the Central Government is essential to the insecure districts of the province.