Badakhshan: MoU of 7 development projects signed

A number of 7 development projects worth $2.7 million will be implemented in Badakhshan province. Governor Ahmad Faisal Begzad Monday signed memorandum of understanding with the relevant provincial directors including directorate of economy and donor organizations.

Donor organizations FAO, AHF, ECHO, USAID, UNDP and SIDA will implement these developmental projects through its partner organizations.

Ahmad Faisal Begzad says, with the implementation of these projects, positive changes will occurred in the lives of the people.

According to the director of economy Abdul Hasib Daqiq, AHF will fund the $1, 39, 978 healthcare services projects in Kisham, Yaftal Payan, Tashkan, Zebak and Arghanj Khwa. YHDO will implement the project, which will benefit drought affected people in these districts.

Daqiq said, FAO will fund the $24, 938 emergency livelihood project for the drought affected farmers in Argo district, which will be implemented by the ACTED, a non-governmental organization. Similarly ACTED will also implement emergency responding project of $3, 71, 044 funded by ECHO, throughout the Badakhshan province.

Ireland government is funding a project of $ 4, 04, 448 for the promotion of early action and preparedness to respond to the emergency situation in Bazarg city, which will be implemented by the CONCERN, a non-governmental organization.

According to Daqiq, Badakhshan Women, a non-governmental organization will implement $28, 30, 100 election awareness and public participation project funded by the USAID in Kisham, Argo, Tashkan and Baharak districts.

He said, UNDP will fund $42, 554 project of building rule of men and women for the environmental protection in Wakhan, Ishkashim and Zebak, SALEH a non-governmental organization will implement the project, while SIDA will fund $16, 24, 528 project of reduction of natural disasters in Argo and Kisham districts of Badakhshan.

Daqiq thanked the UNAMA leadership for the development and rehabilitation projects.



/S. Momand