Training conducted for 280 employees of provincial administrations & municipalities

The IDLG capacity building directorate arranged a three days training workshop for the employees of the provincial administrations and municipalities of five provinces.

These trainings were held from 1st to 22nd December. Employees were trained in anti-corruption, administrative ethics, official letters writing and trash management.

A number of 280 employees including directors of human resources and their deputies of Badakhshan, Takhar, Kunduz, Nangarhar and Kunar provincial administrations participated in these trainings.

The main goal of the training program is to increase employees capacities and skills and to make them aware of fighting against corruption, improve the provision of better services for citizens, provision of guidance and ethics, and to understand the principles and methods of writing.

Meanwhile, waste management training program was arranged separately for the district employees of the mentioned provinces.

Participants of the both trainings hailed the capacity building directorate saying it will improve their level of professional knowledge and skills.


/S. Momand