Coordination committee of Citizen Charter program established in Takhar

Members of the development councils, government authorities, journalists and social organizations established coordination committee of the National Citizen Charter Program (NCCP) in Takhar. The coordination committee will coordinate to achieve the objectives of the NCCP on district and provincial level.

The NCCP is one of the national and inter-ministerial program aimed at helping to create unity between villages and cities, improving the relations between the government and the people, and to provide basic services for poverty reduction.

Ahmad Farid Zaki, deputy governor of Takhar said, with the implementation of the NCCP plan, a coordination committee is established to provide a platform for the implementation of the program in order to meet the needs of the people.

The NCCP has been launched in eight districts of Takhar, which is now at the stage of preparation of proposals for the development councils.


/S. Momand