Kunar: We are supporting the system, says tribal elders

Community and tribal elders of the Khas Kunar, Noor Gal, Sawkaye, Sarkano and Narang districts met with provincial governor Abdul Sattar mirzakwal and discussed various issues regarding grabbing of government and personal properties. They requested the provincial administration for their support.

Community and tribal elders appreciated the provincial administration and showed their confidence over the services and struggles towards the public issues. They assured the governor for their support towards the system and the provincial administration.

Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal, Governor of Kunar informed the delegation, that the provincial administration will serve the people as according to their promises and demands of the people.

He assured them, of equal development opportunities in districts.

Mirzakwal appreciated the community and tribal elders and asked them to extend their cooperation with the local governance and Afghan defensive and security forces.


/S. Momand