Nangarhar: 63 droughts affected, returnees & IDPs’ families received cash assistance

The provincial agricultural and livestock department of Nangarhar distributed agricultural items and cash assistance among the 63 families.

Families that received assistance, 9 were droughts affected while 54 others were internally displaced and returnees.

In a statement issued by the provincial agricultural and livestock department of Nangarhar, authorities of the mention department distributed 19 different items of agricultural equipment worth more than 2 million Afghanis in Bati Kot and Kama district.

Similarly, the NCRO, a non-governmental organization provided 18000 Afghanis each to the 9 droughts affected families in Surkhrod district.

Meanwhile, SOH, a non-government organization operating in agricultural sector says, they have constructed a meeting hall and canals in Dara e Noor and Kama districts and also distributed Soya Beans seeds to the farmers to be cultivated in 740 acres of land in Kama, Kuz Kunar, Dara e Noor, Door Baba, Lal Pura, Behsud and Surkhrod districts.


/S. Momand