94000 Metric tons gur (jaggery) produced in Nangarhar

Officials of the agricultural and livestock department says 94000 metric tons of gur  (jaggery) have been produced in four districts of eastern Nangarhar province. Kama, Khewa, Batikot and Behsud districts are famous for the sugarcane production.

Deputy director of agriculture and livestock Abdul Waris Tand said that 1660 hectors of land was grown with sugarcane crop in Kama, Khewa, Batikot and Behsud districts this year.

He said so far 94.652 metric tons of gur had been produced. Besides Nangarhar the gur was sold to buyers in Kunar, Laghman, Kabul and other provinces.

Farmers says previously they would sell their sugarcane produce in cities for making sugarcane juice, but now they have established their own gur-making units called “gani” and are happy with the income.

Wilayat Khan, a resident of Pirzo village in Kama district, said he planted sugarcane on his land this season and had already set up a Gani to make gur.

He said the gur making had not only increased their income from the sugarcane crop but also created jobs for many people.

Agriculture experts say besides Nangarhar the environment in other eastern provinces suits sugarcane, which was abundantly produced in the region in the past.

(Pictures courtesy of social media users)


/S. Momand