General Muzafaruddin appointed as Governor of Maidan Wardak

Due to the resignation of Dr. Mohammad Arif Shahjahan, governor of #MaidanWardak province General Abdul Yameen Muzafaruddin is appointed as new Governor of MaidanWardak province.

The Independent Directorate of the Local Governance (IDLG) has recommended him and upon directives of President Ashraf Ghani, today Muzafaruddin was appointed as Governor of MaidanWardak province.

General Muzafaruddin has obtained high studies in military and has extensive working experience.

Prior his appointment as Governor MaidanWardak, he remained as police chief of MaidanWardak and military commander. Recently he was head of a national council.

The Independent Directorate of Local Governance thanks Dr. Mohammad Arif Shahjahan, the Ex Governor of Maidan Wardak for his efforts and achievements in establishing good governance and relations between the people and the government, and wishes success to Mr. Muzafaruddin in his job as new governor of MaidanWardak province.