District Governors’ first National Conference successfully concluded

A number of 125 district governors from across the country participated in the District Governors’ first National Conference, which was organized by the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG). Beside the district governors, high ranking government officials, ambassadors and representatives of the international aid organizations also participated in the conference.

Informing the DGs’ from the future planning of the IDLG, identifying problems and challenges in the area and finding a joint solutions, sharing the initiatives and achievements, strengthening the relationship and coordination between the government and the people and to further strengthen governance, were the main objectives and goals of this conference.

Prior conclusion of the conference, Head of the IDLG Mr. Abdul Matin Bek informed the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and the participants about the tasks carried out in the conference.

He said that the conference provided the opportunity to discuss security, economy and reforms on district level.

Four district governors from Bamyan, Helmand, Faryab and Baghlan provinces on behalf of the participants of the conference addressed the participants and demanded the president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani construction of administration complexes, sports facilities, participation of public and government, service delivery, supporting budget for the districts, employment opportunities, development of agricultural land, further strengthening the authority of the district governors, countering the non-authorized armed groups and to keep the qualified district governors on their position.

District governors also shared 114 pages analysis of their demands that was jointly prepared by them during the conference.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani expressed gratitude for the conference and particularly thanked the head of the IDLG and supporting team for organizing the conference.

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, president Islamic Republic of Afghanistan addressing the conference, made specific suggestions to the district governors and recommended the relevant agencies to take measures to address the problems raised by the district governors.

He said that the districts will get a specific code in the upcoming budget for the construction of the administration complexes and a competitive budget will be given to those district governors who are suggesting best recommendations.

He asked the district governors to establish the marketing system for the domestic production and economic growth and link it with the cities.

Ashraf Ghani said, the system’s legitimacy depends on the districts.

He added that in insecure districts where the judicial system is not active, problems should be resolved through legitimate Jirga system until security is maintained.


/S. Momand